We organize a wide a range of top-level, high-impact experiences.

Congresses, events and business meetings.

We know that every customer and every project are unique.

We are the full or partial organisers of the leading congresses, meetings and events held in the Basque Country, and some of the biggest in Spain. We also work internationally, via cooperation agreements with firms outside Spain.

We have our own, inimitable modus operandi for all-round organisation, assessment and service.

We do things in a style that is entirely our own. A style that enriches our relationship with our customers and their relationship with their audiences. Our modus operandi makes us stand out from the rest.

  • We listen carefully to learn exactly what the customer really needs
  • We provide advice throughout the decision-making process
  • We treat all our customers with the utmost courtesy
  • We take care of the big picture without neglecting the smaller details
  • We approach every task with a smile and a willingness to help
  • Appearances are most important. As, of course, is the substance of our work.
  • Tone, nuance and pace are the keys to credible communication

Your project is in the best possible hands.

When you decide to professionalise the organising of your congress or event with us, you can be sure that it will be done with the highest standards. We have the best specialists and suppliers in each specific area, and a wealth of resources of all kinds to meet your needs at all stages of the project.

TISA: Gestión de confianza


Businesses, institutions and public and private bodies of all kinds have been placing their trust in us for over 40 years.

TISA: Experiencia, Nuestro éxito reside en la experiencia y el talento de un equipo profesional multidisciplinar de primer nivel.


The key to our success lies in the experience and talent of our team of highly-skilled specialists.

TISA: Resultados, Nuestro propósito es facilitar a nuestros clientes el logro de sus objetivos y superar sus expectativas.


We set out to help our customers reach their goals and exceed their expectations.

Congresses & events since 1980
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TISA handles everything.

However big and high-profile a project is, our methods, resources, professionalism, expertise and experience have made us a benchmark organiser for customers who know that the key to success lies in building on the proper foundations and not merely trusting to luck or good intentions.

Planning and design




A range of services customised to meet the needs of each project.

We have the expertise to organise the services and provide the resources that your project needs. We strive for excellence, so that your congress, event or meeting exceeds your expectations and leaves a lasting, positive image in the minds of audiences.

TISA is an approved event organiser.

TISA is approved as an event organiser by the Basque environmental management company IHOBE and by the University of the Basque Country. As a member of the Basque OPC (Professional Congress Organisers) Association, the Spanish OPC Federation and EFAPCO (European Federation of Associations of Professional Congress Organisers), TISA has partnerships and cooperation arrangements with the leading firms in the sector.

OPC España
Asociación OPCE Vasca
European Federation of Associations of Professional Congress Organisers (EFAPCO)

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