Hostesses, stewardesses and guides
for all kinds of events and conferences.

Events - Congresses - Protocol - Image - Languages

good part of the success of an event lies in choosing good professionals who assist the public and know how to guide them properly. We are founding members of the Spanish Association of Hostess Companies (ADEAZA) and we know how to provide the human profile that each situation requires.

  • Custom profile. Each event needs a different hostess profile and we know it. Therefore, we have a wide range of professionals who adapt precisely to the needs of the client.

  • Professionalism. All our professionals agree on five fundamental points to offer an extraordinary service: seriousness, empathy, discretion, knowledge of languages ​​and an impeccable image.
  • Uniforms. We offer a wide range of uniforms adaptable to each event and the corporate image of each company.
  • Continuous training. Our staff is in permanent training.
  • Tracing. We closely follow the development of the contracted service to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

We select the right people for each service: congresses, fairs, company events, general meetings, protocol events, sports events, marketing campaigns…

Our specific training program guarantees our clients quality, efficiency and professionalism.

TISA, as a founding member of ADEAZA – Spanish Association of Hostess Companies, maintains alliances with the most important companies in the sector.