Communicating is an art. Doing so in different languages is a science.

Translation, interpreting and transcription.

TISA: 40 years of experience in the science of translation.

Translation, interpreting and transcription services that maintain the original meaning, sense, tone and emotion of words, whatever the verbal or written language or signs used to convey them.

Guaranteed quality.

TISA guarantees the quality and accuracy of its translations and interpreting services. Checks are made to ensure the accuracy of terminology, spelling, syntax and grammar and the overall consistency of texts. TISA uses latest-generation technical and IT resources.


Confidentiality is an essential, key aspect of the services that we offer to our customers. At TISA all our translators and interpreters are required to sign confidentiality agreements before they are given any information on the content of the jobs to be done.

Your project is in safe hands with us.

We select the right specialists for each language and/or technical area as necessary. That is the level of our commitment to quality.

TISA: Gestión de confianza


Businesses, institutions and other public and private bodies have been putting their trust in us repeatedly for over 40 years.

TISA: Experiencia, Nuestro éxito reside en la experiencia y el talento de un equipo profesional multidisciplinar de primer nivel.


The key to our success lies in the specialisation, experience and talent of our highly-skilled personnel.

TISA: Resultados, Nuestro propósito es facilitar a nuestros clientes el logro de sus objetivos y superar sus expectativas.

Native speakers

All our translators and interpreters are native speakers, selected for specific projects.

TISA handles the whole process.

However big or important a project is, our professionalism, quality standards, technology and experience have led us to be regarded as a benchmark for translation, interpreting and transcription services among customers who know that tone, timbre, speed and accuracy are the basic pillars of reliable communication.

We select the right team of specialists for each project

We assign a manager to each project

We draw up schedules and set deadlines

We review, monitor and assure final quality

A customised menu of services for each project.

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